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The Reincarnation Of The Sun (CD)
DPCD 001, Dunkel Prod 1994

The CD feature this:
RED HARVEST - 1."Primal", 2."Receival Of The Truth", 3."Resist"
** RED HARVEST play dark industrial metal with a hardcore beat. Theyound like POUPPEE FABRIKK and sometimes a bit like MALHAVOC, track 2 sounds more like MINISTRY on "TMIATTTT". Their 2nd album will be out on April 1st, expect something great. **

ANSTALT - 4."I Don't Believe In you", 5."Human Input", 6."Eternal", 7. "Strych 9"
** ANSTALT call their music 'Industrial Body Techno' which I think dcribes their music well: It varies from hard house/techno to good old EBM, NITZER EBB and INSEKT **

VALHALL - 8."Vulture Trance Time", 9."Doom", 10."Relief"
** Standard doom-metal of the 80s, not related to industrial the way see it. Wonder why it was included at all. **

DUNKELHEIT - 11."True Believers", 14."Solitary Survival", 13."Finding e Way", 12. "Thrive (Goblin House Mix)"
** The CD lists the tracks this way but from the lyrics I'd say thatSolitary.." is track 12 and "Thrive" is track 14. DUNKELHEIT play hardcore industrial metal 'The Canadian way' like SKREW and MALHAVOC: Often very fast but still dark and with very distorted & screaming vocals. "Finding..." sounds like LARD doing MINISTRY's "Thieves". "Thrive" is a bit different from the other 3 tracks: It's fast hardhouse rhythms with metal guitars (and the same distorte d vocal as before) - really powerful. **

REMYL - 15."Golden Triangle - V2.00", 16."Aahhhmmm", 17."Dys Dop" ** They don't use guitars, they've probably listened to old SKINNY PUPPY and early industrial like SPK and KRAFTWERK and they don't have that typical EBM/techno beat that almost everybody uses today. Their music is simply a unique blend of unstructured & chaotic beats with trash samples. "Golden Triangle - V2.00" is a different version of the song "Golden Triangle" from their powerful debut CD last year. These 3 songs show the band from a less trashy side, I guess melodic Cyber-t echno would be a good description. **

PILEDRIVER - 18."Stuck", 19."Love Connection"
** Norwegian paper Rock Furore called PILEDRIVER a crossover betweenIG BLACK and MINISTRY. In any case they play industrial metal of the slower kind with deep-throat-vocal: Grindcore..? In my ears they sound a bit like GODFLESH on "Streetcleaner&qu ot; butheir music ranges over many areas - at first listen I thought they where Death Metal of some kind :-) **

HUMID - 20. Zool
** This is a weird track: Elements from early/mid 80s SONIC YOUTH mid with melodic/classic industrial of the THROBBING GRISTLE- kind. A nice 11 minutes long outro. **

Summary: This compilation gives you a hint of what's going on in Norwean 'underground' music at the moment: A wave of industrial-related artists seem to break the silence here. The artists do use well-known concepts from industrial soundscape...but hey!.. .so do NIN. The songs on this sampler are in general very good, and since there are a total of 20 of them for the very good price of 100 kroner (or about 15 US Dollars) I'd recommend it strongly.

Bernt Rostad

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