#7 - November 1994 - (Slovakia)

"Melt" CD compilation

Scandinavia strikes again! After excellent "Freeze" compilation, Cyberware Prod. have released this, 78 minutes long, electro attack from the north. There are almost all of well known Scandinavian bands like Leather Strip, In Absentia, Cat Rapes Dog, In Slaughter Natives, Apoptygma Berzerk... So let's speak a bit more about this very good release. The opening track is played by BIZARRE ALIANCE and it is called "Plutonium". Nice and melodic, but still not poppy electro. Then comes APOPTYGMA BERZERK with "Burnin Heretics (guitarless edit)". This one is one of the most known and also one of the best songs of AB. NEUROACTIVE and "Obsession(plastic mix)" is nextvery good song. Some of their sounds remind me a bit of Advanced Art. Aaah, I miss this one, also very good band from finland here. BIRMINGHAM 6 are there also with one of their typical songs "Mindhallucination (brain mix)". Then there is ANSTALT with "Cybers". The name of this song fully describes their style. And now it comes! Leather Strip and "No rest for the wicked (no vox version)". I guess this one doesn't need any comments. It is simply marvelous. Uff, this is the nr. 6 of toyal 17 tracks here, so I will not mention all the bands, just some of them. One of them will be REMYL with song called "Addicts". Not very long, but very good, slow and moody song. Then there is IN ABSENTIA with "The broken glass of shattered dreams". Excellent song with very impressive vocals. The other known bands here are CHAINGUN OPERATE, MALAISE, THE INSULT, SHADE FACTORY, ANGST POP, but also two bands from Iceland(!!!), INFERNO 5 and REPTILICUS. So if you don't have this CD yet and you're not going to buy/order it, you are a dead man!!


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