#7 - November 1994 - (Slovakia)

The Reincarnation Of The Sun CD

Dunkel Prod. proudly presents a compilation of Norwegian metal-techno-industrial projects and especially their own project Dunkelheit. Each band has different output, so there are finally 20 tracks of 7 bands. First one is hard core oriented RED HARVEST playing nice assassinations. It's fast and hard. Pretty nice stuff. ANSTALT as a next act have hard position. They throw away guitars and use only their electro machinery. They slowdown the rythms and change hard core of Red Harvest to (as they said) industrial body techno. Not fast and hard, but again pretty nice. Dark-metal guitars with not so dark vocals are musical means of VALHALL. I can add nothing to this, 'cause it's not my cup of tea, but DUNKELHEIT is something what i really like. Hard metal-industrial sound of this Norwegian band takes me out of daily problems. First three songs are in the vein of punishing guitars with shouted harsh vocals and some additional electro noises. Fourth track has more industrial noises than guitars in it and I think, they can do it also in this direction. Then comes REMYL, monster of Norwegian electro-industrial scene. First song is the best "Golden Triangle" in one of its versions. A lot of clinks and clangs with highly distorted vocals. Also "AAHHHMMM" and "DysdOP" are very very good with no doubt. Dunkelheit and Remyl are for sure the best acts on this compilation. Last two projects are Piledriver and Humid. HUMID really makes me sick. I hate guitars in gothic-rock style. PILEDRIVER comes fromm deepest darkness of Norway. They mix death or thrash metal with electro sound as strings or metalic noises. Really dark music. Crewzine proudly presents this compilation in its mail order.


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