#8 - 1995 - (Slovakia)

"Blood & Computers II(The Return Of The Cyberpunks)" CD compilation

Yes, this is the second volume of the "pay and play" compilation from france (compiled by Maxence Cyrin and Fixx). This time it contains 17 (really, I've counted them) songs by 17 diferent electro bands. And I must say that almost all of them are really great.
Starting with REMYL, electromasters from Norway, continuing with T.H.D, Absent Minded, In Absentia and ending with Pounce International. These are the best on this silver plate. The other which deserve to be mentioned are Brain Lesiure from France, then Switzerland based electroterrorists Sleepwalk, Sweedish Enemy Alliance, German Intoxication and Paralyse Syndrome, Bytet From USA/Alaska, etc. And of course again is here .... guess who... who is on most of the CD compilations... got it? No? I'll give you a hint: they are two and the are from Germany... Still npthing? OK, I'll give you three possibilities: a.) PP? b.) PP? c.) PP?. So, which one is the right answer? Did you say "PP?" Yyyeeesss! That's it. So, get this overview of world's eolectro stuff, maybe it isn't sold out yet...


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