#8 - 1995 - (Slovakia)

"Tomorrow Never Came" CD compilation

One of the lates arrivals befor the deadline. Everything starts with REMYL. As far I know this is allready the third compilation in a short period of time where these Norwegians provide not only the lead of track, but also one of the highlights, their "Golden Triangle v3.00" is a very good one. Next few bands, Norwegian Anstalt, Austrian Trylook (they recently appeared on Zoth's "Electronic Youth Vol.3") and Swiss Everything & Sincerity, fit pretty well good old F242 school. Now to the EBM with male/female vocals. Crude Slope and Wolfsleevedidn't manage to catch my attention. Noise Factory appear with balladic cut "Creeping Death". Forthcoming Fire is for shure the biggest name this sampler, their 94 version of energic dark vawe "Fairtower (Ffm)" is quite good. The last competitor is Krnkheit Der Jugend, their both live tracks are nervous and chaotic, it's almost like underground rock music, not my cup of tea. In total, the first half of this sampler is okay, but the rest could have been done better. Notice nice booklet with plenty of infos on each band.


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