Eroded Morality

#2 - (Australia)

The Reincarnation Of The Sun - Various (Dunkel Prod.)

The Reincarnation Of The Sun is a compilation CD with seven bizarre bands from Norway. Those Bands are Piledriver, Humid, Remyl, Dunkelheit (their new song Thrive is unreal!). Valhall, Anstalt and Red Harvest all of whom contradict and hyperventilate each other, whatever that means. I mean, usually when you hear compilations of music from the same country, all or most of the bands are in the same style (eg punk, metal), but not this one! You have Dunkelheit with their intense rythemic brain pulsations and on then you have one man band Humid who sound like a mixture of Hawkwind and Pink Floyd. And then inbetween you have electronic wierdos Remyl (exellent new song and great re mixes), the hardcore fuzz chainsaw that makes up the brutal sounds of Red Harvest, Anstalt's [as they put it] industrial body techno. Piledriver's aggressive deathy industrial (well not really) metal and the band that is least suited to this record, the old doom metal band Valhall .

Because of there is such a diverse example of different (Norwegian) music, you could either say that this has something that will appeal to everyone, or it, because of the diversity, won't suit anyone. But I'd say that anyone with a like for strange industrial based music/noise will find something of interest here, as for me I like all the bands on here: this small review does'nt do it justice!!

Ezra Zarginsky

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