August - 1995 - (Holland)

VARIOUS ARTIST "Tomorrow Never Came" CD

Soundbuster is a new German mailorder label searching the horizons for new electro (wave) talent. The result is this compilation featuring eight relatively unknown electroformations. Although not well-known, the general quality of these bands is rather high.
"Tomorrow Never Came" starts off with two Norwegian electro bands. REMYL are known for their distorted vocals. Just like the next band Anstalt they have been featured on many compilations. Anstalt drown in catchyness and therefore can be compared with Image Transmission. Trylook is a three-piece from Brequenz, Austria that come up with a very melodic electro piece with peculiar vocals (is it their accent?).The music of Wry Yelp is much slower. Andreas Bugiel's Laibach-like vocals and Sandra Braun's background vocals have been added dragging synth beats. One person project Everything & Sincerity produced two tracks especially for this compilation. Samples of spoken lines or dark sad vocals give support to a plain and melodic electro approach. Crude Slope, founded in 1991, present electro that is more harsh, they combine this harsh electro with tormented vocals. Wolfsleeve tae this concept even a step further, while Noise Factory gave Depeche Mode a thorough listen. Completely different this are Forthcoming Fire who have a more gothic approach and krankheit Der Jugend that seem to be influenced by the American death-rock movement. Like stated earlier, these ten European formations form together a very nice collection if songs. Let's hope this compilation helps them to get better known.

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