1995 - (Belgium)

COMPILATION "Tomorrow Never Came" CD Soundbuster Prod.

Subtitled "EBM/wavw", this compilation published by the new German label cannot deny its content! Most of the featured bands are quite unknown I must say giving you the opportunity to make some nice discoveries... I espececially here think of the promising 242-like Austrian act TRYLOK, WRY YELP stand for darker electronics with male and female vocals, CRUDE SLOPE represent the more sombre minimalistic side of the cd, while WOLFSLEEVE are into experimental electro. NOISE FACTORY, KRANKHEIT DER JUGEND and the famous FORTHCOMING FIRE care for the wave part of the compilation. The best tracks any way come from the most weel-known bands: REMYL, EVERYTHING & SINCERITY or yet ANSTALT. Certainly not a must, being quite average, but nevertheless interesting...

Deranged Psyche

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