The Student Life (Pomona College)

Feb 10 95 - (USA)

By Mary J. Owen

What's the theme of the week? Many a compilation have flown in to landed on my doorstep. Cool, and Miss CyberNoodle is here to write about a few, two to be exact, compilations which will give one insight into the current industrial dance music happenings in the forms of current releases. Or in a general sense one might simply discover an amazing new band.

... some stuff about the Mind Body compilation deleted.

Arts Industria, known for its cassettes releases and the publication of ARC magazine, has released their first CD. This compilation disc, "The Art Of Brutality", features 15 artists (and 16 tracks) ranging from industrial dance (or electronic body music), techno, experimental to ambient. REMYL, from norway, presents the first track in a dense aggro electro/industrial vein with distorted Vvocals. They refer to themselves as a "cyber-trash-tech-synth-punk-scape project". Xorcist of San Fransisco offers "Be With Me" a great dance tune with lots of female voice samples, originally from the CD Phantoms. Terminal presents two tracks, the firstof which brings to mind oldest KMFDM, yet remains distinct and original. Manwhole vortex, Bubblegum Crisis and Morning Gold Fix slam their industrial dance sacrifices on the ceiling with super glue ahd conduct tape. Soon to be discovered by those who defy gravity.

Perhaps the unknown key to industrial, the ability to find yourself in the corner of the ceilig when you last expect it! Mind-Body compilation volume 2 and the Art of Brutality exhibit the new, perhaps soon tho be ranked among the great, industrial, the ability to find yourself in the corner of the electro/ industrial fledglings. So while hanging around trying to figure out how to defy gravity you might want some musical accompaniment. If this is the case, Mind- Body compilation volume 2 and the Art of Brutality are highly endorsed.

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