About Blood & Computers II

(The return of the cyberpunks).
Paradise Movement was the forces behind the international electrocompilation series "Blood & Computers". The second CD titled "Blood & Computers II" released 1995 featured: REMYL with the track "Boxoxdherd (Different version)" and, Absent Minded (Ger), Alpha Squad (Ger), An Unknown Command (Ger), Brain Leisure (Fr), Bytet (USA), Dunkelheit (NO), Enemy Alliance (Swe), In Absentia (DK), Intoxication (Ger),Logic/Naive (Swe), Paralyse Syndrom (Ger), Pounce Intl. (USA), PP? (Ger), Sphere Lazza (USA), Sleepwalk (CH) and THD (USA)

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