About Melt

(Scandinavian electro/industrial compilation).
Cyberware Production in Finland released, in 1994, a compilation, of electro/industrial bands from every five Scandinavian countries, titled MELT. This compilation offers you well known electro bands from these five countries as well as some quite unknown bands .
The following artists participates on the CD:
From SWEDEN: Cat Rapes Dog, Malaise, In Slaughter Natives and Bizarre Alliance.
From DENMARK: In Absentia, Leæther strip and Birmingham 6.
From NORWAY: Angst Pop, Anstalt, Apoptygma Berzerk and REMYL, with the track "Addicts".
From FINLAND : Chaingun Operate, The Insult, Neuroactive and Shade Factory.
From ICELAND: Inferno 5 and Repticus.


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