About Objekt 666

(The antidote for a society sickened by media myth).
Ladd-Frith released the sixth compilation in their OBJEKT series, titled "OBJEKT 666 (The antidote for a society sickened by media myth)", at the end of 1994.
It is at this moment a limited (666 copies) edition double tape release, but Ladd-Frith hopes to get it out on CD in the future.
The compilation contains contributions from:
Lilith (US), Thierry Galai (France), Bucolic (US), REMYL (Norway) with the track "Bosnia", John Trubee & the Ugly Janitors of America (US), Haldey Kahn (US),De Fabriek (Holland), A Thunder Orchestra (Belgium), Dimosioypalliliko Retire (Greece), The Haters (US), Beig Sittie Orkssstraug (US), Mandible Chatter (US), Herd of Elephants Philosophy (Greece), The Gerogerigegege (Japan), Hands To (US), Sanbox Trio (US), AMK (US), Psyclones (US), Q.R. Ghazala (US), Vox Populi (France), Oral Constitution (Norway), Perfumed Garden (?) and Crawl (US).
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