CyberNoise Digizine

# 4 - (UK)

REVIEW: Remyl "Remyl" CD (DB).

This is the first release by this Oslo based Norwegian band. I didn't really know that Norway produced electronic style bands so this came as a bit of a surprise to me. The CD's cover portrays a wild looking man with long flowing hair, a beard and wearing a monocle over his right eye. Very strange indeed. When I shoved the disc into the player I was again surprised to find that the it was fifty eight and a half minutes long and with eleven tracks, not a bad start. However, on listening to the CD my first hopeful thoughts were somewhat dented as the production on this album is virtually non-existent (I know they did it themselves, but they would have been better off getting someone in to do it for them). It's a cyber-industrial album and most of the tracks are quite good but sadly lack that style and panache of other great works. Not a bad album and more fun to listen to on headphones to hear everything swirling arond in some kind of demonic way. Bands like this should be supported but it gets hard when they produce work that it underproduced and thus spoiling the content.

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