Erroded Morality

Issue 2 - Spring 94 - (Australia)

Remyl - Remyl (Bootsector).

Upon first reciving this CD, I listened to a track here and a track there, which amounted to me not really liking this, their debut album. I thought it was boring and did'nt really have much substance to it, but on dark and gloomy day I thought "I should really give this one more go". I put it on, sat back and enjoyed it!! Listening to a single track just defeats the purpose, this is something that only fits coherently as a whole, and for that reason, no individual tracks can be singled out and mentioned. It's actually very strange. Allthough it could be described as industrial, it sounds totally different to stuff like NIN, Skinny Puppy or even Godflesh. It is'nt totally aggressive, but it is'nt ambient sleep music either. Good un-caracteristic noise whic I love.

Ezra Sarginsky

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