#2 - 1995 - (Canada)

REMYL: Remyl

Here's the strangest cd I ever heard. Remyl can be described as an industrial band + as spacial sound effect. Yes there's 2 kind of sound; one which is industrial but the other kind is for me spacial sound effect but the similarity between both is that Remyl don't use any instruments. Yes, the music is made with no other than a computer and that's why this is a strange band.... or one-man band???
Also, in this cd you'll find lotsa sampling. Oh yeah! I forgot to say there's guitars on this cd but at the last 5 seconds of the last song of the cd so we can say there's no guitars. There's only 5 songs with vocals. The vocals are kind of robotic version of Hellwitch, Cynic, etc... As a whole we can call it spacial/techno/computer/industrial music with robotic death/thrash voice. Something of very unique. The sound as you probably espect is ultra good.

Steve Boupart

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