Issue 6 - (UK)


Remyl are billed as Norway's premier cyber-trash-tech-synth-punkscape group - whatewer that means. Maybe they are a few years behind - 'cos this sounds quite dated. Many of the tracks have weedy-as-fuck drums, samples and squeaky clean synth tones. "Know The Machine" starts with flat sounding electronis before breaking into electric guitars and distorted vocals. "Golden Triangle", "Gets To Know You" and "Maskin Maskin" sound like a diluted Front 242.
The only tracks here which grabbed my attemtion were the atmospheric/noise pieces "The Barrier" and the 10 minute "Post Human", both of wich ditched preset sounding sequenced electronics for more experimental sounds. Remyl obviously ha ve potential - it's just a shame they wasted it on such weak sounding material.

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