Autumn/Winter 1994 - (USA)

Debut CD from REMYL of Norway, all self produced, recorded and distributed on the band's own Bootsector label. They take electronics and computers wery seriously not only for the production of their music, but also for the topics of their songs. They describe themselves as "The first Norwegian cyber-trash-tech-synth- punkscape project", and that's about as good of label as I can think of. This CD is largely instrumental, there is lots of electronic mayhem and madness here to annoy your neighbours, enemies and friends alike. There is sparse use of vocals or sampling, when vocals are used, they are sometimes in the kraftwerk "robotic" style. The most danceable track, and my favourite, is "Hardware Dump".
A nice CD, hopefully future releases will include more vocal tracks. Its good to see something like this coming out of Norway, a country not exactly known as a source of electro.


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