No. 9 / 07 - 93 - (Belgium)

REMYL Remyl CD Bootsector

The Oslo based cyber-trash-tech-synth-punkscape project Remyl has released its first album. I wasn't expecting such hard electro album from a band comming from Norway! REMYL immediately blows up with its first track entitled Know the machine, that by a violent mix of grinding vocals, heavy guitar samples and pounding beats open the hostilities. This track as well as some other reminded me of the SWAMP TERRORISTS! Other are more experimental and sometimes unfortunately not more than instrumentals (it is a pitt that they haven't used their aggressive vocals a bit more.) But globaly, tracks like Xox or Golden triangle are rather promising for a first album. If they keep on this way for their further releases, they might be considered as potential competitors for the European (hard) electro scene.


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